Wisdom & Stillness
Wisdom and Stillness Essential Oil Blend

Wisdom & Stillness

Blend of pure and highly radiant essential oils received by Hope Johnson on 11-28-15 with Wise, Calm and Fragrant Blessings.  
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A synergistic blend of Palo Santo, Neroli and Frankincense Frereana. The combination of these essential oils promotes wisdom, calmness and imparts a beautiful fragrance. Great for meditation and understanding the subtleties of life. Wisdom & Stillness blend of pure essential oils can take your meditation and contemplation to a new dimension, adding clarity about how to navigate the particulars of your life and showing the path to victory over habit patterns, cravings and desires that lead to states of dis-ease.


Wisdom and Stillness Essential Oil Blend Ingredients and Benefits:

Palo Santo: Palo Santo has traditionally been used for spiritual purposes. Palo Santo Essential Oil is regarded as emotionally uplifting, helping clear away negative emotions, focusing the mind, and improving concentration. 
Neroli: Neroli opens the heart and can add an artist’s flare of imagination, as it awakens innate creativity. Such action also relates to flexibility and wisdom, and the sharpened intuition that the Neroli Essential Oil inspires. 
Frankincense Frereana: Frankincense Frereana causes breathing to become slower and deeper, helping to focus the mind, clear negative emotions, and remove stress and feelings of self-doubt.

Usage Possibilities:

  • Add 2-3 drops to a bath after dispersing in 1oz of milk, vodka, or adding to a handful of crystal salt
  • Apply directly to the mastoid bones behind the ears, temples, wrists, soles of feet, palm of hands and/or heart chakra
  • Add 5 drops per ounce in a spray mister and spray in a room or meditation space (shake before each use)
  • Blend in one of our Carrier Oils at 10% to use as an anointing oil, or Blend at 5% to use as a body oil, or Blend at 2% for a facial oil

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