Voice - 5th Chakra Essential Oil Blend (Throat)
Voice Essential Oil

Voice - 5th Chakra Essential Oil Blend (Throat)


Throat Chakra Essential Oil Blend consisting of:

  • German Chamomile - Supports the calm, peaceful and clear speaking of truth
  • Tulsi-Holy Basil - Stimulates attunement to inner self and inner truth, transforms mental concepts of doubt and distrust, allowing for clear decision making
  • Frankincense Neglecta - Encourages oppenness to communication with the Divine
  • Roman Chamomile - Facilitates hearing and communicating spiritual truth

Each essential oil in this blend was received and Reiki infused by Hope Johnson according to its contribution to balancing the frequency of the Throat chakra.

Offered as 100% Pure Essential Oil or as a 10% Dilute in our Golden Organic Virgin Argan

No fillers, synthetics or pesticides. Made in Hawaii

Throat Chakra Information:

Sanskrit Name: Vishudda.

Color: Blue.

Element: Ether.

Essential oils connected to the throat chakra are often blue in color or sense, or they are ancient oils that have been used for centuries to inspire Divine communication

The synergistic blend of aromatic compounds in our Throat chakra essential oil blend is very helpful for transforming physical issues of the throat area and unstable emotions associated with the inability to communicate clearly, truthfully and with compassion.

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Chakra Function:

The throat (5th) chakra, as the name suggests, is concerned with communication, expression, and speaking the truth. It's also associated with the ability to sing from the Heart and communicate with the Divine. As the first of the enlightenment chakras, the throat chakra is a powerful spiritual center that connects deeply with the voice of the soul: both your own soul and that of others. It is also possible to learn to connect with spirit guides, ancestors, and angels through the throat chakra.

Issues of the Throat Chakra:

If the throat chakra is imbalanced, awareness is limited and anxiety and restlessness take over. Other emotional imbalances include feelings of rejection, repression, and an inability to speak clearly and/or truthfully. Physical symptoms of imbalance include sore throat, thyroid difficulties, headaches, ear infections, teeth and gum problems, mouth ulcers, and voice loss. When the throat chakra is functioning optimally, there is a sense of having the ability to peacefully and courageously to speak your truth. There is also a sense of personal visions and creative dreams manifesting effortlessly. Divine communication is another aspect of the throat chakra which includes receiving Divine guidance and not asking for things that are wanted yet detrimental to spiritual growth. This 5th Chakra Essential Oil Blend is useful for manifesting creativity, trust, courage, and acceptance, all positive outcomes of a throat chakra in balance.

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