Unity - 7th Chakra Essential Oil Blend
Unity Essential Oil

Unity - 7th Chakra Essential Oil Blend


Crown Chakra Essential Oil Blend consisting of:

  • Lavender - Helps to integrate spirituality in everyday life
  • Myrrh - Encourages spiritual expansion. Fortifies spirituality
  • Rosewood - Gently opens the mind to spirituality, modulating the timing according to what the being can handle
  • Bulgarian Rose Otto - Promotes a sense a completeness and spiritual belonging

Each essential oil in this blend was received and Reiki infused by Hope Johnson according to its contribution to balancing the frequency of the Crown chakra.

Offered as 100% Pure Essential Oil or as a 10% Dilute in our Golden Organic Virgin Argan

No fillers, synthetics or pesticides. Made in Hawaii

Crown Chakra Information:

Sanskrit Name: Sahasrana.

Color: Violet.

Element: Water.

$10.74 - $64.97
Feature: each
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Chakra Function:

The crown chakra is the embodiment of all of the chakras. At the top of the head, it is the chakra through which it is believed that the soul both enters the body (on birth) and leaves the body (on death). Therefore, it could be said that the crown chakra is the entry point for the soul's manifestation as form. Also known as the 1000 petal lotus, during a lifetime the crown chakra is a bridge of sorts between the Divine Source/God and Humanity.

Issues of the Crown Chakra:

Physical manifestations of an imbalance in the crown chakra include depression, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, nervous system problems, and paralysis. Emotional imbalances may occur in the form of constant worry, disorientation, a fear of spirituality, a lack of spiritual direction, consumption of material possessions, and a strong sense of ego. When it is in balance, there is a sense of “oneness” and connection with the universe, yourself, and the Creative source/God. There is a close spiritual connection and a profound inner wisdom. There is joyful and selfless devotion to others because they are not seen as separate, but an extension of yourself. Perfect peace is achieved through perfect balance of the crown chakra; and this is the reason for the crown chakra often being the focal point in meditation.

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