Kalapana Coast, Big Island HI

Hope Johnson’s Awakening Retreat is held at Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center in the lush jungle of the Big Island of Hawaii. The Retreat Schedule is filled with enlivening and fulfilling activities, from dawn until dusk. Some of the activities include, drum circles, ecstatic dance, Satsang, Kundalini yoga, and various offsite adventures.

Hope Johnson, spiritual healer and Reiki Master, designed her Hawaii Awakening retreat as a space container where people can express the sincerity of their heart. ‘Hanging with Hope,’ a favored activity offered on the retreat includes plenty of laughter and fun adventures. ‘Hanging with Hope’ was spontaneously created because of Hope’s passion for connecting with all people.

Hope says; “When I connect with others, I intuitively share personalized and valuable thoughts and ideas that inspire one to be present and awake in this moment. I surrender my Self (ego) to the constant and harmonious presence of God and Appreciate You to be just as you are.”

What is Awakening?

Awakening is the peaceful surrender of the Self to accepting what is and opening the heart to love. When tension is released and the body and mind are able to move freely, the Sprit is awakened. Once the Spirit is awakened, any delusional thoughts and ideas are dissolved, and only Truth and Understanding are seen.

“When I am Awakened to this moment, I am free and uplifted through simply being present. I consciously release all bodily tension and feel content with my presence. My throat softens as I speak my Inner Truth from a space of Love and Compassion. My face remains unmasked by disturbing thoughts and emotions. I see which energies I am flowing with and how they are serving me. My space will always remain as I breathe and experience the Peace and Wisdom that prevails in each moment.” ~ Anonymous

Through soul-healing and revitalizing activities, the Hawaii Awakening Retreat serves as  a catalyst to exploring one’s individuality and creative self expression.

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