Hair Tonic Essential Oil Blend - Hair and Scalp Elixir
Hair Tonic Essential Oil Blend

Hair Tonic Essential Oil Blend - Hair and Scalp Elixir

  • 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend - Pine, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Niauoli, Clove & Grapefruit
  • Therapeutic Grade Aromatherapy Hair and Scalp Treatment
  • Made in Hawaii
$11.97 - $21.97
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Hair Tonic Essential Oil blend is a pure essential oil tonic for the hair and scalp. Hair Tonic is an excellent anti-bacterial, invigorating, and stimulating treatment for the hair and scalp. Each pure essential oil in this blend is hand selected specifically for its properties and attributes that benefit the scalp and hair. Regular use of Miracle Botanical's Hair Tonic Essential Oil Blend cultivates beautiful, strong, balanced, and color rich hair, as well as a smooth and clean scalp.   

Specific Benefits of Hair Tonic Essential Oils as follows: 

Scotch Pine is known for its anti-inflammatory effects, reducing redness, itching and dry, flaky skin. It fights infections, helping keep away lice and bacteria. Its rich pine scent is calming and cooling. 
Eucalyptus Globulus is cool and refreshing. It is an astringent, shrinking and strengthening hair follicles. It helps to stimulate blood flow to cells. Eucalyptus is also known for its antiseptic nature, making it ideal for keeping away infection and itching.
Rosemary is known for stimulating hair growth. Many claim this oil has prevented baldness and reduced graying. Rosemary will also help to sooth skin and relieve dry scalp and dandruff. 
Nerolina is a sweet smelling evergreen and a powerful disinfectant. It will help to combat any kind of scalp infestation or irritation. It is known for stimulating blood circulation and helps distribute all the oils in this blend and uplift the aroma. 
Clove has long been used in homeopathic tonics for thickening hair and increasing growth. It has a warm, uplifting, and spicy aroma. Clove is a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and will help keep hair fresh and clean. 
Pink Grapefruit is a cleansing oil that promotes hair health and growth. It is energizing, toning, and astringent. Pink Grapefruit is known to bring shine and vitality to hair along with cleansing and refreshing the scalp.   

Shower Application: Place 2 drops of Hair Tonic Essential Oil Blend in palm of hand and rub throughout hair and scalp. Repeat if necessary. Do not rinse hair after application. 

Dry Hair Application: Fill palm of hand with one tablespoon of water and 2 drops of Hair Tonic Essential Oil Blend. Rub throughout hair and scalp. Repeat if necessary.

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