Many people have experienced the benefits of essential oils as a remedy for addiction, and toward the end of this article I’ve compiled a list of essential oils that can help curb specific addictive behaviors. 

But in addition to working on the level of behavior, essential oils can also help us perceive and heal what causes the addictive behavior in the first place.

Whether we experience addiction to drugs, food, laziness, alcohol, sex, internet, drama etcetera….we are really perceiving the effects of believing in unhappy thoughts.

Indeed, a mind without belief in unhappy thoughts cannot experience addiction.

With unhappy thoughts being the only thing holding the illusion of addiction in place, the way to truly heal addiction is through noticing, acknowledging and accepting the immediate effect of unhappy thoughts on the body’s energy field.

Essential oils make awesome companions for true healing because they communicate with the human energy field and they facilitate awareness of the choice for guiltlessness…which instantly absolves identification with unhappy thoughts, thus making them meaningless.

To name a few, essential oils like Helichrysum Italicum, Rose, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Wisdom & Stillness Blend, Frankincense, Rosemary and many others can help comfort, calm and prepare the mind to surrender harmful concepts. Helichrysum Italicum is especially known to help gently expose unconscious thought patterns and their effects.


With essential oils, there is no need for any goal to stop the behavior, unless someone is being harmed. In fact, the energy of trying to stop a behavior is always countered with an unconscious ulterior motive. This makes quitting difficult, and if one does quit, the addictive behavior is just transferred to something else…like habitually seeking conflict and drama for instance.

Anyways, here are some essential oils that can be useful remedies for addiction:

For smoking replacement:

For emotional eating (aka overeating):

For feelings of laziness:

For alcohol replacement:

For redirecting sexual energy, for awareness of sexual motivations and for joyful intimate experiences:

There are many ways to use essential oils as a remedy for addiction. All of Miracle Botanicals essential oils come with an information card that includes common ways to use essential oils. An article with even more usage information can be found Here. We also have a free easy guide to using essential oils for newbies.

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