Essential Oil Pain Relief Formula - 10% or 20% Dilute
Essential Oil Pain Formula

Essential Oil Pain Relief Formula - 10% or 20% Dilute

Pain Relief Formula is a synergistic blend some of the most therapeutic and highly recommended essential oils for pain and inflammation in a base of rejuvenating Foraha oil. The blend ingredients are:
  1. Palo Santo Essential Oil
  2. German Chamomile Essential Oil
  3. Helichrysum Italicum Essential Oil
  4. Foraha/Tamanu/Kamani Carrier Oil
$39.97 - $120.97
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Hope recommended a 10% dilute applied twice daily over the knees, but her client insisted on a 20% dilute. Hope's client reported amazing and long lasting results with the pain relief formula at 20%. She later reported that not only did it ease the pain, but that it facilitated a reversal of the inflammation and repair to the tissues over time. When Hope's little brother was in a motorcycle accident, Hope sent him the 10% dilute to rub over the painful areas of his body. Hope received a call from her brother that evening...he was exclaiming "What is in this works better than any pain medication!". To Hope, it's not much of a surprise that this formula works. Hope has received many reports from amazed customers about the three essential oils in this blend being effective on contact for pain, and the carrier oil, Foraha/Tamanu/Kamani is known as a great pain reliever. Plus, Helichrysum Italicum has been extensively studied for it's ability to help the body repair tissue and decrease inflammation. It seems that the 10% dilute will work well for any situation where a reduction of pain and inflammation is desired. The 20% dilute is also available for those who would like an extra kick.

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