Disinfect Essential Oil Blend
Disinfect Essential Oil

Disinfect Essential Oil Blend

  • 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend of: Nerolina, Clove Bud Super, Premium Tea Tree, and Rosemary Verbenone
  • High Quality Medicinal Grade Wound Healing Blend.
  • Antiseptic, Clearing, Antibacterial, Energizing, and Stimulating
  • Made in Hawaii
  • Compare to Young Living's Melrose
$9.97 - $19.97
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Disinfect Essential Oil Blend is in the same class as Thieves and other germ fighters, only gentler on the skin. The pure essential oils specifically chosen for Disinfect Essential Oil Blend are of the highest germ fighting capabilities with a gentler touch to the skin. According to customer feedback, this blend is the One for any type of infection on the skin, and it also makes a great detoxifier and cleanser for body, mind spirit...and even bathrooms and kitchens! People who have had topical staph infection have been very impressed by the results they have experienced with this product. 

Clove's purpose is to balance the chakras and to clear the body of any infections, viruses, and any unwanted bacteria. 
Nerolina is a wonderful antiseptic, and is used to clear the body of infection, help the healing of cuts, burns, and ulcers; and to rid the body of acne. Nerolina is also an excellent stimulant of the mind and body. 
Tea Tree is used to cleanse, cool, and energize the body. It is also excellent for the assist in healing cuts, infections, acne, and naturally occurring bacterial infections. 
Rosemary's purpose is to clarify, inspire, warm, and heal the mind and body. It is also extremely antiviral, disinfectant, analgesic, and stimulates the immune system.

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