Cosmic Journey - Patchouli Essential Oil Blend
Cosmic Journey - Patchouli Essential Oil Blend

Cosmic Journey - Patchouli Essential Oil Blend

  • Synergistic Blend of the Following Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils: Dark Aged Patchouli, Neroli, CO2 Extracted Myrrh, Wildcrafted Orange, Buddha Wood, Copal Bark, Agarwood - Oud, and Spikenard
  • Also Available as a Body Oil - Pure Cosmic Journey Essential Oil Blend in Argan
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This Patchouli Essential Oil Blend was crafted by Hope Johnson according to a request from a friend and customer who wanted Patchouli blended with complimentary essential oils in a body oil. Once the essential oils were blended and inhaled, the name Cosmic Journey was given through a beautiful man named Marco, who loves essential oils and also prepares customer orders for us. “Cosmic Journey” is the perfect name for this blend as it feels like an inward journey to the infinite cosmos. This blend is available as both an undiluted essential oil and as a body oil for a yummy full body cosmic experience. This blend contains:
  • Dark Aged Patchouli: to take away pain and enhance mood
  • Neroli: to awaken creativity, wisdom, and intuition
  • CO2 Extracted Myrrh: to uplift the emotions and focus the mind
  • Wildcrafted Orange: to create feelings of happiness and warmth
  • Buddha Wood: to ground the emotions and protect the auric field
  • Copal Bark: to calm thoughts and quiet the mind
  • Agarwood – Oud: to strengthen the mind and remove doubts
  • Spikenard: to help resolve painful thoughts and promote a focus inwards

Specific Benefits of Cosmic Journey Essential Oil Blend as follows:

Enhances mood... This blend helps relieve the mind of doubts, negative emotions, and inward-directed criticism. It promotes grounding that allow creative, positive ideas and feelings of self-love to surface. 
Aphrodisiac... The Patchouli Essential Oil Blend encourages desire and removes feelings of shame and inhibition. It has the potential to resolve long-standing hormone imbalances and related sexual problems, and is effective for both men and women.\
Stimulates inward mental focus... Several of the oils in this blend have been traditionally used as part of religious or shamanistic ritual, thanks to their ability to focus the mind on the inner realms, increase concentration, and uplift the emotions.

Recipes We Love:

Natural fragrance
1 oz. Argan Oil 
10 drops Cosmic Journey Essential Oil Blend 
Simply mix the oils together and apply to the insides of your wrists and to your collarbone. If you are using the version of this blend that's already diluted in Argan oil, you can apply that directly. This blend may also be applied directly for those who tolerate undiluted essential oils well. 

Aphrodisiac bath blend
Add several drops of this blend to your bath once the water has already been drawn. 

Cosmic journey inhalation
Use this blend in your diffuser for an uplifting and warming aroma throughout your home.

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