Chem Detox Essential Oil Blend
Chem-Detox Essential Oil

Chem Detox Essential Oil Blend

  • 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend of Lemon, Red Mandarin, Dark Aged Patchouli, Cypress, and Geranium
  • 10ml in Amber Colored European Dropper Bottle
  • Made in Hawaii
  • High Quality Medicinal Grade Chemical Detox Blend.
  • No Fillers, Additives, or Synthetics
$9.97 - $19.97
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Chem Detox Essential Oil blend is designed to rid the body of harmful toxins accumulated through stress, anxiety, and the environment. This blend contains 100% pure essential oils, which are all great body detoxifiers and toners. This blend may be diluted and used on the body for massage or as a deodorizer. The blend may also be diffused in a diffusor. 

Lemon Essential Oil is commonly known as an ultimate cleansing and detoxing oil. In the Chem Detox Essential Oil Blend, Lemon Essential Oil is used to help free up the lymphatic and respiratory systems, while reducing inflammation in the body. 
Red Mandarin Essential Oil is used in the Chem Detox Essential Oil Blend to help relax the nervous system, in order to better prepare the body for detoxification. Mandarin is also used in aromatherapy to purify the blood and improve circulation, allowing for better liver function. 
Dark Aged Patchouli is used to detox the body through releasing toxins from areas experiencing pain, such as headaches and back pains. 
Cypress Essential Oil is used to detoxify and decongest the lymphatic system. Cypress is also commonly used for detoxifying the respiratory and digestive systems. 
Geranium Essential Oil is used for a toning effect on the liver and kidneys. The oil is also known for assisting the body in eliminating fluids more efficiently, allowing the lymphatic system to detox more easily.

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