Chai Spice Essential Oil Blend
Chai Spice Essential Oil

Chai Spice Essential Oil Blend

  • Ingredients: CO2 Cardamom, Cinnamon Bark, Clove Bud Super, Nutmeg, CO2 Ginger, and CO2 Vanilla
  • Aroma: Spicy, Warm, Slightly Sweet
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Chai Spice Essential Oil Blend is a warm and spicy mixture that brings one’s senses to Chai paradise. Chai is known as a popular tea, however, with the Chai Spice Essential Oil Blend, Chai can be used in more ways than one: as a fall and wintertime natural perfume, diffused throughout the home, or diluted and applied on the body for the oils’ many therapeutic health benefits. Chai tea is a centuries-old beverage that originated in India, primarily used in medicinal Ayurvedic practices. Traditionally, Chai tea did not contain tea leaves, yet it was comprised of a variety of spices used as a tonic for curing particular ailments.

Chai Spice Essential Oil Blend Ingredients and Benefits:

CO2 Cardamom
Cardamom Essential Oil has been used in oral care, supporting the digestive system, and as an uplifting aphrodisiac. Also, Cardamom Essential Oil is used by aromatherapists as a tonic and a stimulant to boost the body’s overall health and encourage the whole system, while energizing the secretion of hormones, gastric juices, circulation, and excretion. 
Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil is a commonly used in aromatherapy for its detoxifying effects, for pain relief, and as an emotional and physical stimulant. In addition, Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil is extremely powerful when used in blends, as it enhances the healing benefits of other oils. 
Clove Bud has been used for many years for dental health issues. More recently, Clove Bud Essential Oil has been discovered as highly beneficial for skincare, haircare, cough, cold, blood circulation, and pain relief. 
Nutmeg Essential Oil is commonly used for its anti-inflammatory and sedative properties to relieve muscle and joint pains, menstrual pain and cramps, as well as balancing the hormones and improving any menstrual irregularities. Nutmeg is also recommended as a digestive to relieve gas related stomach aches, while assisting with indigestion, flatulence, and diarrhea. 
The benefits of Ginger Essential Oil are vast, as the oil invigorates, energizes, stimulates, strengthens, warms, and helps with memory loss. In addition, ginger is commonly used to assist with nausea, indigestion, inflammations, respiratory issues, stomach issues, and menstrual disorders. 
Vanilla Essential Oil also has sedative-like properties and can be used to calm and relax the brain and nerves to promote sleep.

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