Cedarwood Atlas - Organic
Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil

Cedarwood Atlas - Organic

  • Botanical Name: Cedrus Atlantica
  • Plant Part: Wood
  • Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
  • Country of Origin: Morocco
  • Color/Consistency: Yellow Color with Thin Consistency
  • Aroma: Woody, Dry, Warm, and Balsamic
  • Perfumery Note: Base
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Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil originates in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa. It tends to be lighter and more gentle than other cedarwood chemotypes. Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil is well known for its detoxifying effects and its ability to break down of toxins and fatty buildup, as in cellulite. In addition, Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil is often used in aromatherapy for sore muscles and joints to relieve pain and stiffness.

Specific Benefits of Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil as Follows:

Hair and scalp health... Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil is used by aromatherapists to reduce seborrheic dermatitis, which can contribute to dandruff. Cedarwood Atlas is known to promote speedy hair growth and stimulate hair follicles in cases of alopecia. 
Skincare... Cedarwood Atlas has long been known as a way to rid of eczema and other inflammatory skin conditions. It regulates the production of sebum to prevent oily buildups that can result in unsightly skin peeling. 
Opens up airways... Thanks to its anti-inflammatory compounds, Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil is often used to help open up congested and constricted breathing passageways. It can be a great aid in cases of persistent coughs, as it is known to help clear up excess mucus that can interfere with breathing. 

Properties: Antifungal, Antiputrefactive, Antiseptic, Aphrodisiac, Astringent, Diuretic, Expectorant, Insecticide, Regenerative, Sedative, Tonic 

Perfumery Note: Base 

Aroma: Woody, Dry, Warm, and Balsamic 

Recipes We Love:

Fortifying and uplifting blend
4 drops Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil 
Mix the essential oils and rub the blend onto your chest and to the back of your neck. 

To promote hair growth
6 drops Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil 
Mix the oils together, and then apply the blend to your scalp and to the roots of your hair. Allow it to sit for a half hour and then wash it out with your usual shampoo. 

Easy breathing recipe
Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil 
Simply diffuse an equal number of drops of each essential oil in your diffuser.

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