Lila Essential Oil Blend
Lila Essential Oil Blend

Lila Essential Oil Blend

  • Ingredients: Cacao, Davana, Jasmine, Schisandra Fruit, Cardamom, Vetiver
  • Intention: Delight, Creation, Sensuality, Worship
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Lila Essential Oil Blend was crafted as an inspirational blend that weaves together our innocent playful nature with our creative and sensual expressiveness. In our modern world the innocent essence of sensuality is often overshadowed by games of subtle fear, guilt, and need, rather than divine worship and play. Healing this disconnect will bring about major positive shifts in our human consciousness. When the senses are tuned to their original purity, used to promote true love and a sense of wholeness, and our essential innocence is remembered, we recognize that our sensuality is simply the expression of creative life-force energy. We are the stars merging in space, we are the delicate flower pedal holding dew drops in the morning sun, and we are the refreshing breeze caressing the leaves of the trees. In this state of awareness sexual urges are the same as our urges to smell a fragrant flower, bask in the sunlight, or listen to the ocean. Tuned to this original awareness and freedom, our senses are in alignment with nature and what is most beneficial for all, and our relationship with our senses and others will be based in peace and goodwill. In a light-hearted way, Lila guides us into our internal depths where we rediscover the divine source of our creative energies. Combining many ancient sacred essences of ritual such as cardamom, jasmine, davana, schizandra, and vetiver along with the heart-expanding quality of cacao, Lila Essential Oil Blend is a wonderful tool for profound ritual and worship, healing, creativity, and sensuality, as well as an all-around carefree expression of life. Anoint and massage with Lila Essential Oil Blend as a way of exciting the senses and simultaneously calming them, finding that potent equilibrium. It will power the internal flow of life-force whether it is to create music and art, appreciate nature, or offer worship to a Beloved. O how we yearn to be playful and free! * Playful Seductive Innocent Sweet Pure Loving Wholesome Erotic Genuine Authentic Compassionate Healing Blissful Worshipful Pleasure of Life Be my constant companion May the bliss of the senses resonate with Spirit’s blessings May the beautiful play of life always play ecstatically through me

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