Essential Oil Vessel Pendants
Essential Oil Vessels - Red/Gold

Essential Oil Vessel Pendants

  • Handblown glass and One of a Kind
  • Sterling Silver Applicators in each vessel
  • Will hold any of your favorite essential oils
  • Dimensions Approximately 1-3/4”H x 3/4”W x 3/8”D
$47.50 - $58.90
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These Essential Oil Vessel Pendants are all handmade and one of a kind. Each piece is made from raw glass material from either Italy or America and is handblown and sculpted by the artist of Mystic Fire Glass. Each vessel contains a cork stopper with sterling silver that also doubles as an applicator.


These essential oil vessels are made of Ruby Gold Murano Glass. This (Effrette) glass in its raw form was made in Murano, Italy. The color is made by mixing genuine gold into the glass. Elegance is added by the artist who fused 22kt. gold foil onto the surface of the vessel. The stopper is made with vermeil beads and vermeil findings. Vermeil is 22kt. gold over sterling silver.


The beautiful champagne handmade glass vessels are created from American-made glass and Italian Murano glass. They are decorated and enhanced with a white and light salmon webbing on the surface of the glass. Also used are gold sparkling streaks.


These essential oil vessels are a transparent green accented with a special reactive glass decoration creating a lovely and ghostly band across the middle of the vessel. The connected top is sterling silver, with 2 faceted peridots. The top is also connected to the vessel with a sterling silver chain.

Blue Algae:

These beautiful deep blue essential oil vessels feature a subtle sparkling quality. The glass in its raw form is made in America. It has been sculpted by the artist into hand blown vessels. The tops are made with sterling silver an apatite rondelle and iolite.


The tops of these essential oil vessels are made with sterling silver and 2 faceted Amethysts. The stoppers are made with sterling silver  

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