Anise Seed Essential Oil
Anise Seed Essential Oil

Anise Seed Essential Oil

  • Botanical Name: Pimpinella Anisum
  • Plant Part: Seed
  • Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
  • Country of Origin: Egypt
  • Color/Consistency: Clear with Thin Consistency
  • Aroma: Fresh, Sweet, Spicy, Licorice
  • Perfumery Note: Middle
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Anise Seed Essential Oil is warm and spicy, steam distilled from the seed fruit of the Anise tree, commonly used as a cooking spice. The intense licorice-like aroma of Anise Seed Essential Oil can be a potent addition to a blend with just a drop or two. The medicinal benefits of Anise Seed Essential Oil are far reaching and this oil has been used to support dental health, clear up congestion and colds, relieve aches and pains, and help rid the body of immune draining pathogens. Anise Seed Essential Oil has been found to be sedating in nervous system conditions such as epilepsy and convulsions.

NOTE: Anise Seed Essential Oil can be dangerous for the nervous system if taken in high doses. Make sure to properly dilute before use and keep out of reach of children.

Specific Benefits of Anise Seed Essential Oil as follows:

Digestive Aid.... Anise Seed Essential Oil can be used to relax the digestive system, promote absorption in the intestines, and assist the body in its natural elimination functions.
Reproductive Support... Anise Seed Essential Oil is used by women to regulate and support the menstrual cycle and increase lactation in nursing mothers.
Energizing...Anise Seed Essential Oil has warming and drying qualities. It can help relax and replenish the body, giving it an overall more uplifted energy.

Properties: Antirheumatic, Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, Aperient, Carminative, Cordial, Decongestant, Insecticice, Sedative, Stimulant, Vermifuge

Blends with: Bay Rum, Black Pepper, Ginger, Lavender, Orange, Pine, Rose 

Recipes We Love:

Massage Oil for Digestion
2 drops Anise Seed Essential Oil
Combine these oils and massage into the abdomen to support digestion and help relieve gas and constipation. 

Oral Care Mouthwash
2 drops Anise Seed Essential Oil
This minty and spicy blend of oils can be added to your usual toothpaste or mouthwash to freshen the breath and support the health of the teeth and gums. 

Slow Down Diffusion
2 drops Anise Seed Essential Oil
Combine these oils in a diffuser to unwind, soothe, and slow down the mind and body.